Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A brief history of covid-19 and human's ravulation

Md.Jahidul Islam who gave the briefing and writer "A book of saving human, Covid-19 just nothing" about covid-19 comong again very soon.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

"defeat cavid-19"

"A Book of Saving human-1"
"Korona virus, just nothing"
writer: jahidul islam

Knowledge is power.....

Friday, March 13, 2020

Korona virus, Just Nothing

Korona virus,Just NothingKorona virus,Just Nothing

Advanture →part-1

Writer:Jahidul Islam
Publication: 12/03/2020

Korona virus started it's journey from China. Rapidly it covered whole of the earth.Humen are taken it as a death calling.But it's just nothing as death calling.There are no reason by it can damage human body.

We are going to discuss with a video below,

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Monday, March 2, 2020

Folklore, A awesome of Bangladesh

Folklore,A awesome of Bangladesh.part-1
Reported by jahidul islam
Picture:ডোল,পাতিল,মুড়ির পট.
Bangladesh is a country of folklore. There are so many folklore ares situated in the country. Also whole of the country are called folklore, because of occupation. Most of the people are low incoming level. And it's culture are mainly source for the best folklore country in the world.

Every year a lot of foreigners come here watching those. Also behaviour of the people of Bangladesh are welcomed for foreigners coming. As example,Nobinagar at savar in Bangladesh is a centre of folklore. It's also side of National memorial of Bangladesh. There are so many folklore products which will be astonished you.

Friday, February 21, 2020

"At present Bangladesh, digitalization & development"

"At present Bangladesh, digitalization & development"
Reported Jahidul Islam

At present Bangladesh is a developing country. It's main achievement sectors are agriculture and ICT.

After elected prime minister Sheikh hasina on 2008 election, The agricultural
and digitalization products are focused mainly. There are so many ict area are situated. The Government of Bangladesh got various steps in agricultural development. Such as proper seeds productions, modern instrument,lot of training,agricultural fund, etc.The farmer started to cultivate proper crops production acquiring the training. After some years (5-8) it's got the glorious production. Taking steps gradually at present Bangladesh is a full filled agricultural country (at rice).The Young people of the country started freelancing after taking the good training. They got glorious earning at different freelancing websites. Such as upwork,fiverr,freelancer etc. At present Bangladesh 2nd ranking country in freelancing. The government of Bangladesh Also set up various ict productions factory in the country. It's also welcomed all countries to set up ict productions factory in the country with nicely offered. The country are getting valuable earning exporting ict products.
Whole of the country got digitalization in money, information and etc. The country is now a glorious ranking at GDP.
All together Bangladesh is now a raising country in the world.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Importance of Food habit very essential for China

Solution of  the China health crisis

Reported Jahidul Islam

Food habit can change humanity

Good night. Hope that tomorrow morning will be pleasant seeing some good solutions of China's corono virus effected. Hope that China government will realize the importance taking food habit. Good food keeps body quite and healthy. But unfortunately China's people eat many kinds of bad food which is dangerous for body. As a human we should eat that's food which is holy. It is proved that Muslims food habit very useful for health. So Every country should obey the rules of food habit and follow Muslims food habit.

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A brief history of covid-19 and human's ravulation

Md.Jahidul Islam who gave the briefing and writer "A book of saving human, Covid-19 just nothing" about covid-19 comong again ver...